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So the whole “EDM is not real music because no real instrument” thing really pisses me off. So I sit in my room and compose a song, then I program my computer to play back what’s in my head. How is that different to someone composing a song and then hiring an orchestra to play it back for them? The main difference is that I can’t afford to hire an Orchestra.

I write down my melodies and stuff in piano rolls, I arrange the drums into patterns that work with the melodies. I write down bass lines. I use my midi keyboard to help me come up with ideas. I play around until I have something I like and think I can work with. I open up multiple instances of the synth software I love and I painstakingly craft the sounds I want to go with the melodies and bass lines. That shit ain’t easy you know. I mean yeah, you can turn the knobs and get a sound, but getting it just right, exactly as it sounds in your head, that’s a different story.

Then there’s actually mixing it all together and actually having it sound good. Arranging all the melodies, drum loops, etc. into the actual song is easy enough I guess… Well. Sort of. The actual act of arranging stuff is easy, but it’s arranging it in a way that I like that is hard. On top of that, I have to work with EQs and various other effects and filters to make sure every instrument sits right with each other. Now this is the part that is the most time consuming and incredibly frustrating. I’m a real perfectionist. I’m more often than not really dissatisfied with how everything sounds. I think out of the 31 songs I have uploaded to Soundcloud, I can safely say there’s only 2, maybe 4 on there that I can actually say that I am proud of. For every song I put on Soundcloud, there’s probably another two or so that I have started and abandoned. But one thing is for sure, nothing beats the magic of hearing something that was once in your head being played back to you after spending hours working on it.

So if you think EDM producers have no talent because their music is all done with electronic synths, fine. But if you feel the need to go around telling us that we have no talent, fuck you. It’s hard enough being happy with my own work and it doesn’t help having dick heads go around making it worse. Producing a good song takes a lot of time and skill, and the whole thing is a constant learning process. I feel like I’ve come a long way, and I really care about what I do, and it’s a real kick in the balls hearing people say that people like me don’t have talent because we don’t use real instruments. I’ve finally found a way I can really express myself and I’m not going to let anyone take that away from me when they probably have little or no understanding about the processes behind it.







Just watch it.

oh……my fucking

No, seriously. Watch the video.

but guys…can you imagine what would happen if someone hacked the highways? 




I hate to break it to you all, but this is a little too good to be true, and Thunderf00t explains why.

I might actually start making more use of my Youtube channel. Here’s a song inspired by the late Carl Sagan… A great mind indeed.

Okay seriously, that bass line tho…

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Ummm, could someone please tell me where I can get one of these?? O.O

Can’t get enough of this gem either.

I think I’ve found my song for those nights that I get insomnia. Also appropriately titled :P

A classic example was one night I was out in town with my friends, and two different DJs in two different clubs did the EXACT same mix. Pretty sure those clubs had premixes that the DJs just put on then stood there looking like they were DJing. For the most part, people don’t seem to notice, or if they do, they’re too drunk to give a shit.